Meet Lillyann, a Small Child with a Brain Injury and Seizures

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Last year, Lillyann’s mother Cassandra made a transformative decision for her daughter and family which some may find controversial. Her decision to seek alternative treatments for her daughter’s condition would ultimately change their life for the better.

At just seven months old, Lillyann suffered a traumatic brain injury, which required doctors to put her in a medically induced coma for two weeks. After waking up from the coma, Lillyann began experiencing severe seizures. After being transferred to Kennedy Krieger Institute Rehabilitation Center, Lillyann spent two months on a feeding tube until she began drinking out of a bottle, while continuing to suffer from multiple seizures daily. 20140216_141429

Throughout her young life, Lillyann consistently suffered from dozens of seizures on a regular basis and despite the family’s attempts with various pharmaceutical medications was unable to find relief.

With a deep hope to improve her daughter’s health condition and overall quality of life, Cassandra was determined to seek alternative treatment for Lillyann’s illness. She had no idea where to start and what information to seek but after some brief research online, she found that many families had found epileptic relief with the use of cannabinoid based medications. Although a medical marijuana law was enacted in Maryland in 2014, Cassandra knew very little about the subject or even what products to seek for her ailing daughter.

After actively researching nearly half a dozen products for six months she found what she believed to be a successful alternative to Lillyann’s previous anti-seizure medications.

She acquired a high concentration hemp-based CBD oil that was completely legal across the US and could be bought online and shipped directly to her.

After beginning Lillyann’s treatment with the CBD hemp oil, Cassandra quickly began noticing positive changes in her daughter almost immediately, describing her as “happy … getting better [and] enhancing herself.”

Since beginning the treatment with CBD hemp oil, this month marks Lillyann’s first year being completely seizure-free!

Cassandra expressed the immense progress her daughter has made, stating she has come farther than they ever thought possible. She says she feels like her hero.

After a seizure-free year and continued success with the oil; Cassandra excitedly shared in a recent interview that Lillyann is now back in school, more interactive in her classes, and even “laughs at her sister’s voice now.”