ECHO Sponsored Families | Frequently Asked Questions

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ECHO is a nonprofit & charitable organization dedicated to supplying cannabinoid education; open-ended collaboration between doctors and patients; and ideologies that encompass and distribute hope & inspiration to others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What does it mean to be an ECHO Sponsored Family?

ECHO Families are those who meet the necessary criteria, are properly registered with our organization, and have been accepted by either the Application Team, or the Board of ECHO (or both.) Once approved, ECHO Families receive charitable donations in the form of A) CBD-based products, B) Financial Aid, or both.

ECHO Families also provide the organization with their consent to appear on and in the organization’s messaging and brand. This not only helps inform and educate the public about caring for special need children who benefit from the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids, it also establishes a point of communication and collaboration among peers.

Who can apply to become an ECHO Sponsored Family?

We maintain an open application process. However, the ECHO foundation does take a variety of criteria into account when evaluating applications. When determining which individuals/families meet the necessary qualifications, factors the Organization heavily takes into consideration include (but not limited to):

  • Income
    • On Medicaid
    • On Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
    • On Financial Aid
  • Specific Illnesses’
    • Associated with Published Cannabinoid Research
  • Currently utilizing CBD-based Products
  • Medical Expenses/Records

What makes for a “good” application?

There’s no exact methodology as to what makes an application a good application; though we do appreciate and acknowledge applications that are thorough. Take your time, tell us your story, submit images of you or your family. We ask the you submit only one application, so really, take your time and answer all the appropriate questions. Thank you!

I submitted my application, when can I expect an answer?

We are continuously reading through and evaluating applications. Because of the influx of applications we receive, you can expect to hear back from us within 30 days of your submission.

If accepted as an ECHO Sponsored Family, how much will we (I) receive?

Product donations and/or Financial Aid is handled case by case, and is unique to the individual or family. The amount, and whether or not it will be an ongoing fulfillment, or a one-time donation, is strictly up to the Board and/or the Team surveying the application in question.

Who is on the committee when approving applications?

ECHO is comprised of a Board of Directors, and a passionate team of individuals closely associated with the organization. The Board consists of a non-profit veteran with over thirty years of experience in her field; a devoted father of a special needs child, and public supporter of cannabinoid education; and a marketing expert. We also have a community manager, who speaks with many different families on a daily basis with regard to cannabinoid education, research, and communication.

“I’m having issues with the application process, specifically when uploading documents. What gives?”

Couple of things to be on the look out for when submitting your documents for the Application Process…

  1. The file size should not exceed 10MB. If your file is too big, and surpasses the limit, you will receive an error message. Please adjust your document(s) accordingly.
  2. Preferred file types include PDFs, .png (high-quality image), .jpg (image), or MS Word document.

In the event you’d like to apply to become an ECHO Sponsored Family, please visit our application process.

Application Process

During the application process you will be asked to upload photos, specific documents (such as a cover letter, and financial documentation.) You’ll also be asked to supply us with personal medical information. Please note: all submissions are confidential. Once you submit an application for review, we’ll get back to you shortly; either at the email address of phone number provided.

Thank you!

– ECHO Team