Recognizing the hopelessness that families feel when facing a serious illness, ECHO was compelled to create a bridge connecting those seeking the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids or cannabidiol (CBD) with the resources, community support, and medical professional guidance needed to move forward. For those feeling that the traditional medical community has nothing more to offer, we are ECHO.


Andrea Barnes


Andrea is a nonprofit veteran with over 30 years experience leading local, national and international causes. An expert in raising money and developing corporate social impact programs, she is eager and excited to support ECHO’s mission of changing lives.

Wayne Moorehead


Equipped with advanced marketing and brand strategy knowledge, Wayne has applied his expertise and passion to help companies define, communicate, and activate their brands. A former CMO for a large publicly-traded organization, and with agency and private client experience, Wayne is able to bring a unique perspective and actionable insights to every initiative, including ECHO.

Brian Higuera


A devoted husband and father, Brian introduced CBD oil into the regimen of his special needs daughter to help her have a better quality of life. Together with his wife, Damaris, Brian is dedicated to raising awareness of CBD’s profound potential by sharing his daughter’s story across various media outlets within the U.S. and around the world.

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