• "I sincerely was expecting that the medication was going to take a while. But since the first day... wow!"

    Marlene Vaquera (mother of 3-year old Emili Zoe)

  • "I never thought it would remove 100% of her seizures, that it would get her mobility back, that she would be able to sleep all night."

    Jesus Gutierrez (father of 3-year old Emili Zoe)

  • "It has been a wonderful year. We did not know if it was going to work. Grace's attacks have been reduced by 90%."

    Raúl Elizalde (father of 8-year old Grace Elizalde Benavides)

  • "The story of my daughter Harper is that everybody's life, even if they have special needs, has a purpose."

    Penny Howard (mother of Harper Ell Howard)

  • "I'll never forget giving the CBD oil to Harper and seeing the immediate impact it had on her quality of life."

    Penny Howard (mother of Harper Ell Howard)

  • “I gave her a dose of the oil and after only 20 minutes, her eyes stopped twitching. Twenty minutes later, I gave her another dose and her body stopped twitching. I couldn’t believe it."

    Brian Higuera (father of 3-year old Sadie Higuera)

  • "Don't be scared of cannabinoids or CBD oils. Get educated on it, and find a good doctor! Especially for kids."

    Brian Higuera (father of 3-year old Sadie Higuera)

  • "Basically, cannabinoids gave her a second chance at life. It made her come alive."

    Brian Higuera (father of 3-year old Sadie Higuera)

  • “The list of things they said he’s never gonna do…I’m checking off those things one by one!”

    Jose Rivera (father of Marco Rivera)

  • “Every time we get a case of a child who is written off by the medical establishment… and we see them develop into a human being that has a life, you can't ask for more.”

    Dr. Kathleen Smith (Family Practice Physician of Marco Rivera)


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