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Trusted health advice for health and wellness for CBD and related products

ECHO helps guide those who are desperate for the therapeutic effects of CBD and cannabinoids through a comprehensive approach consisting of Education, Collaboration, and Hope. This website is designed as a information resource for better health.


Navigating through the ins-and-outs of cannabinoids can feel overwhelming. We get it! We’d like to provide you with a sense of comfort, and also help you through the process. You’ll find a trustworthy resource of educational content on ECHO. Our goal is to get you better acquainted with cannabinoids and their benefits, so that you can decide whether they’re right for you or your family.



Nobody should feel alone when making healthcare decisions. We’re stronger together, right? On ECHO, you can connect with others facing similar situations and share your concerns with a medical professional who understands and cares about what you’re going through. This like-minded circle of support is here for you to exchange encouragement and gain reassurance.



It’s not uncommon to feel helpless when experiencing or seeing a loved one suffer from a debilitating disease. Cannabinoids have changed the lives of thousands of people. At ECHO, we strive to be your source of hope by connecting you with trustworthy doctors who are passionate to help. To help ease the burden on families caring for children with special needs, we offer charitable donations of funding, CBD products, and other goods.


"Basically, cannabinoids gave her a second chance at life. It made her come alive."
Brian Higuera (father of 3-year old Sadie Higuera)
“Every time we get a case of a child who is written off by the medical establishment… and we see them develop into a human being that has a life, you can't ask for more.”
Dr. Kathleen Smith (Family Practice Physician of Marco Rivera)
“The list of things they said he’s never gonna do…I’m checking off those things one by one!”
Jose Rivera (father of Marco Rivera)
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We guide those seeking the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids
by connecting them with resources and doctors that can help.

ECHO is dedicated to supporting families seeking cannabinoids through a comprehensive approach consisting of Education, Collaboration, and Hope. Within a judgement-free environment that offers encouragement and trustworthy guidance, ECHO provides the tools and framework for discovering the proper healthcare solutions for each and every individual.



In an ongoing effort to better the lives of those in need, ECHO contributes CBD oil products,
financial assistance and various other gifts to families that depend on cannabinoids.

Learn more about ECHO Families–including how we support them, and how you can become an ECHO
sponsored Family–by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions section.